Monday, 1 August 2011

The Sinless Seven become the Extraordinary Eight

Today Team DDA Watch did it again. You saved a life. As you know recently we took in seven dogs all of whom had been held for over a year as potential banned breeds before being determined to be Not guilty.

Originally we were meant to take a total of ten dogs not seven. We booked the spaces and waited for their arrival however just a few days before they were due to arrive we were told that three of the ten had now been deemed pit bull types and would therefore not be allowed to come into our care. The owner of the dog was asked to sign the remaining dogs over for destruction or be taken to court again.

Thanks to the support and donations from Team DDA Watch (thats YOU!) we were in a postition to fight back and the owner refused to sign over. We paid for our own assessment of the remaining dogs and our expert determined that one of the accused was Not Guilty. We were prepared to go all the way to court if need be which was not needed as the Met decided to allow the 8th dog to come into our care. Sadly the remaining dogs were deemed type and with no home to go to they have been destroyed, victims of a draconian act that benefits no one. We are so sorry we couldnt save you too x

The 8th dog was unable to come to us right away as she had a cyst which required a biopsy. A nail biting wait followed as we waited to hear the results. The 8th dog had escaped being killed so many times could they really escape again?

It turned out they could so please say hello and welcome to Honey, the luckiest dog that ever existed, the one you saved.

Please PLEASE keep sharing and donating. We literally cannot save these guys without your help. Look at Honey - thats what its all about!

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