Thursday, 13 May 2010

Met police urged to destroy all dogs in their care- TAKE ACTION NOW!

A shocking article published on the BBC News website has stated pressure is being put on the Met police to destroy all dogs. Plans by the Met to outsource kenneling  which could cost as much as 10 million over four years has reportedly  led to Lord Harris, former Metropolitan Police Authority chairman, asking "Why don't we just put them down?"

Supt Julie Pendry is also quoted as saying:

Supt Julia Pendry, who is responsible for the Met's status dogs unit, said the force must operate within the law.

"It would be absolutely fantastic if we could destroy these dogs," she said.

"Unfortunately it is a criminal offence because the property belongs to other people.

"Secondly, the RSPCA would probably prosecute me, and people like Defra and the national press would have a field day if we started killing dogs that were people's pets," she added.


It is illegal to put dogs down without a court order or owner consent and at present they cannot do so but particaully the comments quoted as being from Ms Pendry show a bias...and that is a bias that could become legal if we let them.

As many of our supporters are aware we are currently caring for two dogs Brandy and Karma who had been held by the Met police for 18 months accused of being illegal breeds. Karma and brandy have never hurt anyone nor shown any aggression. Alongside a third dog the Met pressed charges while the owner refused to accept they were banned. HE WAS CORRECT. the courts found the dogs not to be type and ordered them to be returned.

 Three dogs, 18 months costly a minimum of £17 per dog per night. Rough maths that equals £27922.50 in kennel fees alone. All for dogs who had not done anything wrong.

The problem is not the dogs. The problem is the legislation does not tackle dangerous dogs. It tackles dogs that look a certain way. Time for REPEAL.

Please contact the BBC today and tell them how you feel about the quotes. Point Brandy and Karmas story out to them.

You can contact the BBC by clicking here.


  1. This absolutely ridiculous law must be changed.
    No dangerous breeds only very very dangerous owners. Beth from You Tube and Facebook.

  2. I have already written to Andrew Rosindell on this very subject. He is the Minister for Animal Welfare, and you can write to him c/o
    The House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA.