Thursday, 6 May 2010

Karma and Brandy - One week on.

One week ago today Brandy and Karma were finally released after spending 18 months kept away from the world in secluded police kennels. Seized  accused of being illegal pit bull types, despite papers showing them to be American bulldogs, a lengthy court battle followed when a team of experts proved Karma and Brandy to be legal dogs. The judge found them not guilty and ordered them to be returned.

Sadly their heartbroken owner was no longer allowed to keep dogs at his home. With no where  to go both dogs would have died so DDA Watch alongside Endangered dogs defence and rescue and one life rescue agreed to take them.

Today exactly one week after their release we spent the morning with them. Karma is in season and feeling very down so we asked Brandy how she felt being free . We managed to catch her response on film which can be seen below. We will let you decide what Brandy thinks!

However we have had to board them which has not been cheap. We have had to get vet treatment for both dogs. And we could not do it without the wave of support Brandy and Karma have found across the world. So far your donations have ensured both dogs safety for 17 days in boarding.

We have also been given many wonderful items which we are acutioning on Ebay, all procceds going directly to the Brandy and Karma fund. There are still a few days left to go so you still have a chance of nabbing one of the following:

A framed acrylic original painting of a red pit bull
A framed acrylic original painting of a blue pit bull
A framed acrylic original painting of Brandy and Karma
A collection of 4 SIGNED CDs by Maria Daines/Paul Killington
A collectable Caroline Shotton Print "Wayne and Bruno"
Click here to see all items

We have also been donated 10 memberships to K9 Magazine which we will be raffling off very soon! Keep checking back for details! week on :)

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  1. That's one happy puppy, go baby go. Hope they find a good home soon. If I win the lottery.....well you can guess the rest!