Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Why have the USPCA failed to comment on Bruce?

Over the last few weeks many organisations across the world have spoken up in defence of Bruce, a good dog, currently being held by the authorities in Northern Ireland. Emails have been sent in their thousands and every single organisation and a large number of MLP's have replied, even if its a basic aknowledgment of the emails recieved.

Except for the USPCA.

The USPCA is the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They are the main animal welfare body in Northern Ireland. Yet they have said nothing at all regarding the horrific condition Bruce was photograhed in. Bruce, we are told, is now in better condition however no one who claims to be protecting the welfare of animals could expect us to allow this silence and lack of action to continue.

When you visit the USPCA website the first thing that stands out is a clip promoting the Five Freedoms. The Five freedoms are :

Freedom from hunger and thirst.

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from pain, injury and disease.

Freedom to express normal behaviour

Freedom from fear and distress.

Yet with Bruce, the USPCA keeps up a wall of silence.

Please email the USPCA again and ask them for their position on the seizure of dogs whose only crime is in their physical appearance.

Why is no action seemingly being taken against those who failed to ensure Bruce freedom from pain, injury and disease?

How many other dogs are currently being held in Northern Ireland?

How many of those dogs have died while in the "care" of the authorities?

Who is monitoring the welfare of all dogs held?

When will independent investigation be carried out on ALL kennels holding dogs in Northern Ireland and when will the outcomes of those investigations be published?

Northern Ireland, the World is still watching and will continue to speak out until YOU take action to protect the dogs!

Email the USPCA again, please.


  1. I wrote. Hope others do as well. This is a sad and disheartening situation.

  2. I'll be emailing them my thoughts on their treatment of Bruce and am disgusted that the situation has not yet been resolved for him!

  3. Is the dog not with the council now? not the uspca?

  4. No, Bruce was with north down council but has since been moved to USPCA kennels.